Make hay while the sun shines

Making hay could only be done in the briefest windows of time. Get it wrong by even a few days and everything is ruined. Part science and part art.

Make hay while the sun shines.

It’s not about wilfully bending the universe to your will – you just can’t. But it’s about seizing the day when the opportunity does come along. You make all the best preparations and the get the plans in order. But at some point you have to jump. Some leap of faith is required.

If conditions are favourable – go. No waiting around. You’ve got to act or you lose your window.

You have put all the effort in beforehand but if you don’t take the plunge and execute at the right time than that effort will be squandered. Not entirely wasted but definitely not optimised.

So it’s a warning against procrastination. But also against perfection. You can gamble on a few more days of good weather but then the rain starts. Instead, just go. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

It’s an old proverb – no, not a Bible verse, no matter how wise it might sound. We are strictly secular here. But it has a Ye Olde Folke feel to it that I prefer to the crisp Carpe Diem.

It’s about being in touch with the world, with the conditions, with the greater whole. We are part of an ecosystem, on a fragile planet. It’s good to remember that.

Take the days of sunshine while you have them. While you have good things in life make the most of them – make your hay. The hay had to last the winter of feeding the farm. It’s an investment in your future, banking your achievements. Achievements that could be literal hay, or money. Or just happiness and contentment. Winter is coming, after all.

That doesn’t have to be depressing. Just a reminder that life, like our planet, is fragile. We can’t waste the sunny days and let them go by without acting on them, doing something with them.

It’s sunny today. It feels like spring here in Merry England. The sky is blue with feathery clouds. I can hang my washing on the line. The blossom is out on the tree at the end of my garden. I stood underneath and breathed it in. I took the extra time to fetch my camera and take a picture. I made hay while the sun shone.