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I spin stories for startups, app and game developers, home automation companies and smart, motivated people who want to make something great. 

And I'm your host, Frances

I spin stories for startups, app and game developers, home automation companies and smart, motivated people who want to make something great. 

How to get in touch

If you are thinking we could work together – yay! – make sure to check out the working together pages for all the details. 

But I’m also totally open to chat, bounce ideas around, act as a sounding board, cheer you on, and help out. 

You can reach me on and I’ll get back to you pronto. Email is absolutely your best bet for getting in touch. 

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About me

Who am I again? I’m Frances, I live in an Ikea show home in London with my wife and my dog. 

I have a Lego pirate ship and a completely useless degree in Ancient and Medieval History.

I like to think of myself as a professional sidekick. 

Most of the people I know are artists, or at least deeply creative people. 

At school all my friends did Art. I did extra Physics. I vividly remember how they spent Tuesday afternoons expressing themselves and I was in the lab next door with my head drooping and almost falling off my stool. 

But me? I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. 

Except, we are here. So it turns out I did – I just didn’t realise it. Even though I have always loved stories. Telling stories didn’t seem like art, it just seemed like something I did. 

It definitely – in a home full of public sector workers, mostly teachers – didn’t feel like a valid career choice. I was supposed to make a contribution to society. 

So I tried that, because I really did want to make a contribution to society. I worked in local government. I worked in education, trained as an adult education teacher and a careers advisor. You know, useful things to help. 

Except… here it comes again. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t being as useful as I could be. Because my real value is in telling stories. And of course I came to realise that there is value in that. It does make a contribution to society. 

If I can help amazing people doing amazing things tell their amazing stories… that is an amazing contribution. 


Why I freelance

So why am I doing this, rather than working somewhere?

The thing I found hardest about working in an organisation – not a “company” because I never did – was the bureaucracy and the constant compromise. I have a way over-developed sense of right and wrong and the purity of those ideals do not chime with traditional employment. It suffocated me and I felt bad all the time. 

So traditionally people say they are working for themselves for the freedom and independence. Which I totally love. I am a bit of an introvert and I have a tonne of things on my plate that I want to balance my own way. 

But the biggest reason I work like this is to appease my own integrity. I get to choose who I work with. And I can give those projects my absolute all, doing my best work everytime. Because all that matters to me is doing my absolute best work. My integrity won’t allow for anything less. 


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