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Find Your Friendly screenshot

Find Your Friendly

Filterable resource listings site.

London is one of the loneliest cities in the world. Find Your Friendly helps people events, groups and hobbies to meet in-person and make London a bit less lonely.

Using Sheet2Site all the content is loaded into Airtable and converted into filterable listings.

PDF magazine

Landing page, email campaign, and PDF magazine with articles, infographics, and bold images.

Using Carrd, Canva, and Mailchimp.


Newsletter for monthly challenges and goals.

Get more done this mnth. mnth is a site and newsletter with inspiration, challenges, support, and accountability.

We Are The Village

Curated fortnightly newsletter

Using Substack.


⭐ Sustainability and social impact
⭐ Internet of Things and automation
⭐ Education and lifelong learning
⭐ History and heritage
⭐ Placemaking and urbanism


I'm Frances, I'm a writer and enthusiastic idea-haver. I live in an Ikea show home in London with my wife and my yappy little dog.

In my spare time I am a besotted auntie, highly permissive dungeon master, dog walker, housecarl, prolific reader, and aspiring skydiver. I don't have much spare time.

I have a largely redundant degree in Ancient and Medieval History, a Lego pirate ship, and a terrible addiction to Coca Cola.

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